Almost there!

We are almost ready to ship your moment of happiness! We're a small business run by a Dutch couple. We design, develop, package, and ship the bracelets all by ourselves with lots of love! To let you experience our beautiful concept, you get the first bracelet with 50% off!

Almost there!


To be honest, I was a bit reserved because I wasn't allowed to choose the bracelet myself. 'How could they know my taste?' But that fear was unnecessary. Every bracelet hits exactly the right note. It's amazing what Bandi does to your emotions. Every time I see the package in my mailbox, it brightens my whole world! I am and will remain their biggest fan.


So happy when I came home! And so fitting. Should have had it with me for my exam this morning, but the story of the Bandi is absolutely true. I love it! 😍 In a world where people cause enough trouble, Bandi is truly a beacon of light.


Just wanted to say that I really think what you're doing is amazing and beautiful! ♥ I just ordered and received my first Bandi and WOW ✨ The packaging, the message (coincidentally exactly what I needed), and the bracelet. Truly all amazing, and I haven't even mentioned the fact that you also make and sell the bracelets for so many other reasons! Keep it up 🥰. Love, Mirte.


If you want some more positivity in your life, I will really really recommend the Bandi membership. It's so much fun!